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Electrical Shock and Electrocution Accidents

Electrical shock or electrocution accidents can have serious, often fatal, affect on a person. The damage that can be caused from exposure to an electrical shock includes cardiac arrest due to the electricity’s effect on the heart; muscle, nerve, and tissue destruction from an electrical current passing through the body; and thermal burns from contact with the electrical source.

Electrocution injuries can occur at any time and in a variety of ways. High voltage electrical lines are virtually everywhere and when contacted can result in devastating injuries including loss of limbs. Contact with high voltage electricity often results in death. Some people who have come into contact with an electrical power source do not show serious outward signs of injury, but their internal organs may have been damaged.

Most people do not realize that serious injury and death can also result from contact with a very small amount of electrical current. Electrical shock from a small amount of current is often the result of a defective product such as appliances, power tools, or medical devices. Faulty installations or repairs can also result in electrocution and is a primary cause of electrical accidents in the home.

If you have suffered an injury or a loved one has died due to contact with an electrical line, or while using a power tool, household appliance, or other electrically powered product, contact the attorney’s at Busby, Bell & Biggs. The attorney’s at Busby, Bell & Biggs have been successful in representing construction workers, maintenance personnel, cable pullers and miners, and others who suffered electrical burns and injuries as a result of contact with high voltage lines. We have also represented children and adults who have been injured by electrical shock as a result of faulty wiring or repairs.

If you or a loved one has been injured or a love one killed as a result of an electrical shock or electrocution, it is important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney immediately to ensure that the incident is properly investigated and evidence is preserved in order for you receive full and fair compensation. Our office has more than 95 years of experience helping accident victims recover for their injuries. Contact our office today for more information. There is never a charge to talk to an attorney at Busby, Bell & Biggs. There is no obligation and never any pressure. Home and hospital consultations are available.

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