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Pedestrian Accidents Are Caused By A Number Of Factors

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Unique in many ways, pedestrian accidents typically cause more serious injuries and more fatalities than other types of accidents. This is simply due to the fact that a pedestrian has absolutely no protection from the impact of a vehicle. In fact, injuries are often less severe in automobile accidents simply because passengers in an automobile or surrounded by the automobile structure. Because of these facts, pedestrians that are injured by an automobile typically require longer periods for recovery and often have more serious injuries.

Minor Traffic Infractions

Some of the factors that can lead to a pedestrian being injured by a car, truck or motorcycle includes drunk drivers, drivers that are distracted and drivers that are driving at an excess speed or that simply lose control of a vehicle. Even what may seem like a minor traffic infraction such as rolling through a stop sign can ultimately result in serious pedestrian injuries when an impact occurs. In addition, municipalities can even be held responsible for injuries sustained by a pedestrian. This can include situations where intersections are poorly designed.

Cracks And Debris In Sidewalks

Other contributing factors that may be attributed to municipalities include crosswalk signals that are poorly timed as well as construction sites where street repairs are being conducted and dangerous or unsafe sidewalk conditions. These conditions can include everything from cracks and debris in sidewalks to uneven pavement that results in slip and fall accidents. Even obstructions that block visibility and utility poles as well as poorly positioned signs can ultimately result in injury to a pedestrian. When these types of cases occur municipalities may be held liable.

Always Looking Both Ways When Crossing

Pedestrians can exercise caution by following a few simple safety tips as a way to avoid injury while navigating roads on foot. For example, always wait for traffic to stop before entering an intersection. Being in a hurry or entering an intersection while traffic is still moving can lead to injury. These simple safety measures combined with always looking both ways when crossing the road can reduce the likelihood of an accident from occurring. As an added note it is always important for pedestrians to cross the road at a designated crosswalk. Contact The Law Firm of Busby, Bell & Biggs, P.C. to learn more about Tucson personal injury lawyer assistance.

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