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Property Damage

One of the most commonly asked questions or concerns after an auto-mobile accident is “what about the damage to my vehicle?” If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, the at fault party or their insurance company is obligated to pay the cost of repairs or the fair market value of the vehicle, whichever is less. The at fault party is only liable for the damage they caused. They do not have to pay for any pre-existing damage or sentimental value.

If the repairs to your vehicle are greater than the value of your vehicle, it is deemed a total loss and the at fault party owes you the fair market value of your vehicle. Busby, Bell & Biggs works to get you paid the “fair” market value, not what the insurance company’s appraiser says the value is. They also assist in arranging to get your vehicle to a repair shop of your choice.

If you were involved in an accident but not injured and just have questions about your property damage, call Busby, Bell & Biggs. They will answer your questions.

Getting a Rental Car After an Accident

Getting a rental car after you have been in an accident can certainly make life much easier, whether your need is to get to doctors appointments, or to work or school. Getting a rental car after your accident depends on which insurance company you are dealing with and the facts of the accident. If you are getting a rental car using the rental coverage you purchased from your insurance company, that insurance company should assist you in making those arrangements.

Remember, when using your own insurance company’s rental coverage you are bound by the terms of your insurance policy, which typically only allow for a certain number of days of rental and/or a maximum daily allowance for the cost of the rental vehicle. Most rental policies also have a cap on the maximum amount your insurance company will pay for the total duration you are in a rental car. Some insurance company only pay a percentage of the daily rate of your rental costs. Make sure to read your policy and to clarify with the rental company what the insurance company has agreed to pay. Most misunderstandings concerning renting a vehicle end up costing you money. That is why it is important to contact Busby, Bell & Biggs right away.

If you do not have rental insurance on your own insurance policy and are expecting the at-fault driver’s insurance company to pay for your rental vehicle after the accident, there are many factors that might delay acquiring a rental car. It is important that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure you receive full and fair compensation. Contact our office today for more information. There is never a consultation charge to talk to an attorney at Busby, Bell & Biggs.

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